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Tenancy Application | Waratah Estate Agents

(Online Tenancy Application for Waratah Estate Agents through 1form)Please have the following information ready before filling up the application form Go to our website  Click on..   tab:   ‘Renting’  > Properties for lease > View Property Details (Black Tab under   property picture) > Apply Now ( Green Colour tab) Sign up ‘1form’ requires your Email and you can choose any Password you like Applicant’s I.D.:-

Tips for Securing your home while on Holidays

8 tips for securing your home while youre on holiday 1. Cancel usual deliveries and services Don’t forget to cancel your newspaper or grocery delivery and tell the gardener you won’t be needing his services for a while. If you’re away for an extended period of time you might also want to have the post

How to Renovate a Property for Profit

Anybody can renovate and many Australians love doing it, but not everybody can renovate a property for profit. The ultimate goal of renovating for profit is to make the most amount of money in the least amount of time and to do it well. In order to achieve these goals, the following steps are crucial:

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